Customised development of DC/DC converters

We develop DC/DC converters in the power range from 1kW to 10 kW with a voltage range between 12V and 1200V.

Rendering of an Querom high voltage dc/dc converter

DC/DC converters as a connecting link

Every complete electrical system requires an energy source. For systems that are supplied from a DC voltage source, DC/DC converters are particularly suitable as a link between networks with different voltage levels.

Querom Elektronik GmbH understands that every complete electrical system requires a reliable energy source.

Intelligent and powerful suppliers for your system

Our DC/DC converters are developed with great care, whereby we are always guided by the design parameters you specify. These parameters include the required efficiency, the required power, the galvanic isolation, the size and the cost framework.

We select from a pool of diverse converter topologies, including non-isolated buck and boost converters as well as isolated variants such as the single-switch forward, the flyback converter and, for higher outputs, the two-switch forward, half-bridge and full-bridge converters.

Find out more about the topologies of DC/DC converters in our article Topologies of DC/DC converters.

As a leading company in the power management sector, our modern DC/DC converters offer far more than just power transmission. They integrate precise data acquisition, telemetry functions, system diagnostics, charge management for connected storage systems and customisable control functions.

We have already developed specific 48 V DC/DC converters based on our modular approach for well-known companies. We have also developed a modular variant for high-voltage DC/DC converters in the range up to 900VDC.

We are happy to offer you our expertise and support you in analysing your overall system. Together we will identify useful features and properties for your product in order to realise the full potential of your customised development.

Five steps to a customised DC/DC converter

1. Enquiry

As soon as we receive your enquiry, our sales and development teams will start a direct dialogue with you. We analyse your specification, look at your overall system, uncover potential for simplification and make our expertise available to you – benefit from our years of experience. Based on the resulting concept, you will receive a detailed, itemised offer tailored to your requirements.

2. Development

If you agree with our offer, our experts will start working on the specification in consultation with you until it is sufficiently detailed to be able to carry out the development efficiently and straightforwardly. Of course, you will continue to have direct contact with the development team at all times, can participate directly in the development steps and incorporate any necessary changes. As soon as our hardware and software experts have completed their work in line with our tried and tested development process, you will also receive one or more samples of your prototypes from our prototyping department for your own release tests if required. Our specialists will be happy to examine the interaction between the prototype and your application in one or more on-site appointments, identify potential for optimisation and solve problems.

3. Certification examination

We then use the completed samples to independently carry out all the necessary activities until the required certification tests have been passed. We have various reliable partners in the region for pre-compliance and compliance. After passing the tests, you receive the associated documentation – test plans, device lists, etc. – for the best possible transparency. We also keep the certification samples for you for future reference.

4. Finalisation of the development

For us, development is not complete when the product works standalone. It is only complete when the product works in your application and you have documentation that allows you to integrate your customised device into other applications. We provide you with operating instructions, interface documentation, data sheets, installation instructions, design-in checklists, production documentation and other documents.

5. Production

Not only the development is 100% Made in Germany, but also the production. Benefit from our strong regional supplier network for electronics and mechanics (<100km radius around our site) and leave the manufacturing, burn-in, synchronisation and quality assurance to us. We optimise the manufacturing steps, design automated commissioning processes and provide the necessary equipment to meet your device needs. Of course, everything in this step is also as transparent as possible – you receive a report on every single device manufactured, with measured values and OK/nOK assessment.


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