Interfaces in power electronics

CAN-, CAN-OPEN-, Modbus-, RS232, I2C or Ethernet-Stacks

The introduction of digital circuit technology goes hand in hand with the introduction of software in power electronics. In addition to various measurement and control tasks, the software also offers the possibility of exchanging information with the environment.

Power Electronics in Industry 4.0

The digitalization of industrial production, also known as Industry 4.0, offers the opportunity to record data from machines, devices and sensors in an application and to obtain conclusions about the quality and sequence of a process in real time. At the same time, decentralized control and management of systems is possible. The real-time availability of sensor data enables energy management to avoid peak loads on the system through intelligent process control, thus reducing both production costs and the CO2 footprint of products.

Image showing programming work

To make this possible, all components, including the power electronics of an application, must be able to communicate with the environment. Querom therefore offers various wired communication interfaces that can be used to transmit a wide range of information such as measured values, setpoint specifications, status messages and system parameters. Furthermore, wireless transmissions can also be used for data transfer in Querom electronics.

Querom’s expertise in software development

Communication interfaces

Querom uses CAN, CAN Open, Modbus, RS232, I2C or Ethernet stacks. It is also possible to use an integrated IOT module or WLAN for wireless data transfer.

Configuration of the interfaces

Depending on the type of interface, the user can also configure his communication bus during runtime with regard to transmission speed, cyclical behavior or addressing.

Customized solutions

The strictly modular hardware and software design of the Querom power electronics enables fast, customer-specific implementation of various communication standards.


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