Battery Management Systems & Charging Technology

Due to our many years of experience in dealing with different battery cells and supercap modules, we have acquired extensive expertise in the field of DC power electronics for charging technology and battery management systems. This enables us to realise gentle and effective charging processes for various energy storage systems with voltages between 12 and 1,000 VDC.

Mobile and stationary energy storage applications

The power electronics required for energy storage systems are just as diverse as their applications. While the challenge with supercap modules lies in handling a very wide voltage range from 0V, high voltages and currents often place great demands on the electronics in stationary battery storage systems. Regardless of whether supercap or battery, mobile or stationary application, the quality of charging and discharging processes correlates very strongly with the quality of the measurement and control technology of the electronics used and has a major impact on the service life of the energy storage system.

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Precise current limitation

To ensure safe, efficient and gentle charging of energy storage systems, the charging current is monitored at all times using measurement and configuration parameters and is also limited during runtime for specific applications.

Communication interface

A wide range of measurement and control parameters are used for diagnostics and control functions via a CAN, Modbus, I2C or Ethernet interface, which is available as standard.

External sensors

An additional interface enables the use of external sensors. For example, the voltage is measured directly at the battery terminals, allowing the charger’s output parameters to be adapted to the needs of the battery.

Impedance measurement

The chargers are able to measure the primary and secondary impedance of the connected peripherals. This enables defective cables or incorrectly connected connections as well as possible cell defects to be recognised at an early stage.

Areas of Application

Onboard charging technology

In order to safely control the energy flow in vehicles with electrical energy storage, intelligent power electronics are required that transform a supply voltage into a DC voltage suitable for the respective energy storage system. Querom power electronics are particularly suitable when it comes to a bidirectional energy flow or hybrid energy storage systems consisting of a combination of supercap and battery.

Industrial energy storage systems

Different types of energy storage systems are used to ensure an economically viable and redundant power supply for industrial applications and data centres and to absorb peak loads. These energy storage systems need to be monitored, charged and discharged around the clock. Querom power electronics offer safe, reliable and powerful options here.

Mobile electrical applications

Due to the increasing performance of Li-ion rechargeable batteries, more and more previously wired devices are being powered by batteries. Whereas in the past it was primarily cordless screwdrivers, today it is also lawnmowers, bicycles, chainsaws and much more. Powerful battery management systems are required to ensure the safe and reliable operation of these devices.


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