DC/DC Converter 48 V

Efficient, bidirectional, controllable DC/DC converters for various applications

Platform Data:

Power: 1 kW bis 8 kW*

Input: 30-80VDC*

Output: 0-80VDC (Uout < Uin)

Interface: CAN, LIN, Modbus, RS232*

*(Customisable on request)

The modular platform with many configurable features and functions provides the basis for various DC/DC converters and enables quick and easy customised integration into a wide range of applications.


Controllable input and output voltage


Controllable input and output voltage

Additional output

12 or 24VDC and 300W

Industrie 4.0/ Connectivity

Various diagnostic and status messages

48V DC/DC Converter – Derivatives

We have already developed customised DC/DC converters for well-known companies.
We present a small selection below.

DDL4848-48 – DC/DC converter 48V to 24V

Technichal Data

Power (kW): 5 kW

Input (UHi): 30 – 58VDC

Output (ULo): 0 – 58VDC (UHi < ULo)

Interface: CAN 2.0

Safety: EN62368-1
Emission: EN61000-6-4

This member of the Querom low voltage family makes it possible to connect an energy storage system bidirectionally to a supply grid. A comprehensive software package makes it possible to define exactly when the energy from the supply grid is used to charge the storage system and when the storage system supports the supply grid. To simplify the overall system, the converter offers an additional 24V output with 150W for supplying PLCs. The package is rounded off by the high-power density, the exceptionally high efficiency of up to 98.5% and useful telemetry functions for system diagnostics.

Current-limited charging function

Up to 98.5% efficiency

Energy recovery during braking



The DC/DC converter controls the energy flow in both directions with up to 100A. Bidirectionality allows energy to be fed back during braking or discharging processes and increases the efficiency of the application.

Charging function

The controllable current-limited charging function of the converter allows various battery storage systems or supercap modules to be charged and discharged in an optimum manner.

Additional 24V output

An additional 24VDC output with 150W power can be used to supply connected control units, fans or sensors.


The converter has a configurable sleep mode function to minimise energy requirements during maintenance work or idle times.

CAN bus system

The CAN bus system is fully configurable by the user and allows all parameters to be set and all measured values and status messages to be queried.

Safety functions

The converter is overtemperature, open-circuit and short-circuit proof. In addition, the connected energy storage device can be monitored using sense lines and the energy flow can be adjusted accordingly.

Areas of application: AGVs

Industry robot puts load on a agv
AGV carries load in a warehouse

DDL3050-48 – Adjustable DC/DC converter

Technichal Data

Power (kW): 3 KW

Input (V): 40 – 60VDC

Output: 10 – 60VDC

Interface: Modbus, Analog

With this derivative from the Querom LV platform, you can connect loads that require a clean supply with constant voltage to a supply network with variable voltage. Thanks to the constant current behaviour of the converter, with a current setpoint that can be defined in real time via analogue input or software, it can be paralleled if required or used to charge batteries, for example. The special design of the electronics allows operation with full current up to input voltage equal to output voltage (100% duty cycle).

Contact cooling via base plate

Up to 98.5% efficiency

Open-circuit, short-circuit and overtemperature-proof


Controllable current

The current value of the current limitation can be set between 10A and 60A via an analogue input (0-5V) or software command via the existing bus system.

100% Online

The Querom circuit design, which does not require any critical special ICs, enables operation with the full specified current of 60A, while the input voltage is only a few tens of millivolts above the output voltage.


The converter’s 16-bit measuring system allows the power converted in the load to be monitored precisely and controlled via the voltage and current setpoint specifications. The current measurement does not leave a corridor of 1% around the true value, while the voltage measurement has a maximum deviation of 0.5%.

Inrush current limiter

The integrated inrush current limiter has a firm grip on generally problematic switch-on processes on the DC supply network and solves problems with peak currents to be protected and inductive voltage surges without external additional components.

Areas of application: Wasserstofftechnologie

Customised development of DC/DC converters

We would be happy to develop a DC/DC converter for you based on our modular approach or customised requirements. To find out more, please click here or contact us directly by email or phone to let us know your requirements.


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