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Since our foundation in 2017, we have already worked for and with well-known companies from various industrial and technology sectors. Below you will find an excerpt of successfully completed projects.

Automated Guided Vehicle

Development of a DC/DC converter for AGVs.

The 48 V DC/DC converter specially developed by Querom Elektronik GmbH is used in various applications of the Gebhardt Intralogistics Group. In addition to various communication buses, it also offers dedicated 12 and 24 VDC connections for supplying power to control units or radio modules. In addition to charging and discharging the energy storage unit, a bidirectional energy flow also allows recuperation during operation. An additional current-limited charging connection protects the discharged vehicle electrical system during the charging process.


Development of a DC/DC converter for use in an electrolyzer.

Since the electrical supply of an electrolyzer is of central importance for its service life and for the efficiency of the entire process, Enapter commissioned Querom Elektronik GmbH to develop a 48V DC/DC converter that meets all the requirements of the application. Our DCDC converter, which is precisely adapted to the customer’s requirements, increases the efficiency of the overall system, reduces the design effort and provides important insights into the processes taking place.

Battery management system

Co-development of a battery management system for a battery platform.

Querom has been supporting the global tool manufacturer Einhell in the strategic development of its product portfolio for several years. In close cooperation with Einhell, Querom has developed a new battery management system for the “Power X-Change” battery platform. In addition to compatibility with all chargers and tools available on the market, great importance was attached to data acquisition and communication interfaces. A dedicated interface was created for this purpose, allowing the batteries to control and regulate the charging process as well as operation in the tool.

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