High-Voltage DC/DC Converter

Flexible, galvanically isolated, scalable power units

Technical Data

Power: 2000/ 3000pk

Input: up to 1000VDC*

Output: 12, 24 oder 48VDC*

Interface: CAN

*(Customisable on request)

The modular design of the platform with many configurable features and functions is the basis of our high-voltage voltage converter and enables quick and easy customised integration into a wide range of applications. The power modules are scalable in terms of voltage, current and power.

Scalable power units in terms of voltage, current and power.

Interchangeable communication interface and application software.

Modular cooling concept for a wide range of connection options within the application.

Product benefits

This model of the Querom HV platform is suitable for generating isolated 12V or 24V from a high-voltage storage system with a voltage of up to 900V. It has a wealth of functions and features that simplify integration into existing systems. The converter adapts to the system – not the system to the converter. Above all, the extensive interfaces – CAN, digital IO, RS-232 – give you every opportunity to integrate the converter. If this is not possible or necessary, it also works without communication, with a default parameter set that you can edit yourself. The additional insulation between the output and control side prevents earth loops.

Safe HV-LV conversion

The insulation barrier withstands up to 4.25 kV and reliably protects
the output voltage against the HV input side.

System integration

A CAN bus with freely configurable ID mapping, a serial RS-232 bus with the same range of functions as CAN, as well as programmable digital inputs and outputs are available for all conceivable control and diagnostic challenges.


The converter provides you with detailed insights into your system status with the help of HV voltage and current measurement, LV voltage and current measurement and various temperature sensors – even without the HV or LV side being supplied.


With adjustable boost, derating, current and voltage limits, the behaviour of the converter can be ideally adjusted to a wide range of conditions such as LV grids with or without batteries and different backup fuse levels.

Technical Data

Power (kW)2000W/ 3000Wpk
Input voltage/ output voltage (V) 250V – 440V or 400V – 900V
Output voltage/ input voltage (V)6V – 16V, 12V – 32V oder 24V – 64V
Output (A)140A/210Apk oder 70A/ 105Apk
Safety functionOpen circuit, short circuit, overtemperature, overvoltage, overload, bus error, MCU error
Galvanically isolatedYes
Efficiencyapprox. 95%
Cooling conceptContact

Customised development of DC/DC converters

We would be happy to develop a DC/DC converter for you based on our modular approach or customised requirements. To find out more, please click here or contact us directly by email or phone to let us know your requirements.


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